apps Package

apps Package

Scripts for use with the DistArray package.

dacluster Module

Start, stop and manage a IPython.parallel cluster. dacluster can take all the commands IPython’s ipcluster can, and a few extras that are distarray specific.


Removes all distarray-related modules from engines’ sys.modules.


Main function for dacluster utility.

Either start, stop, restart, or clear is called depending on the command line arguments.

distarray.apps.dacluster.restart(n=4, engines=None, **kwargs)

Convenient way to restart an ipcluster.

distarray.apps.dacluster.start(n=4, engines=None, **kwargs)

Convenient way to start an ipcluster for testing.

Doesn’t exit until the ipcluster prints a success message.


Convenient way to stop an ipcluster.

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engine Module

Script for facilitating MPI-only mode.

Starts an MPI-process-based engine.

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