Source code for distarray.error

# encoding: utf-8
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
#  Copyright (C) 2008-2014, IPython Development Team and Enthought, Inc.
#  Distributed under the terms of the BSD License.  See COPYING.rst.
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Exception classes for DistArray errors.

[docs]class DistArrayError(Exception): """ Base exception class for DistArray errors. """ pass
[docs]class MPIDistArrayError(DistArrayError): """ Base exception class for MPI distribution errors. """ pass
[docs]class ContextError(DistArrayError): """ Exception class when a unique Context cannot be found. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidCommSizeError(MPIDistArrayError): """ Exception class when a requested communicator is too large. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidRankError(MPIDistArrayError): """ Exception class when an invalid rank is used in a communicator. """ pass
[docs]class DistributionError(DistArrayError): """ Exception class when inconsistent distributions are used. """ pass