Source code for distarray.globalapi.ipython_cleanup

# encoding: utf-8
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
#  Copyright (C) 2008-2014, IPython Development Team and Enthought, Inc.
#  Distributed under the terms of the BSD License.  See COPYING.rst.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Functions for cleaning up `DistArray` objects from IPython parallel engines.

from __future__ import print_function, absolute_import

from distarray.globalapi.ipython_utils import IPythonClient

[docs]def cleanup(view, module_name, prefix): """ Delete Context object with the given name from the given module""" def _cleanup(module_name, prefix): from importlib import import_module ns = import_module(module_name) for name in vars(ns).copy(): if name.startswith(prefix): delattr(ns, name) view.apply_sync(_cleanup, module_name, prefix)
[docs]def cleanup_all(module_name, prefix): """ Connects to all engines and runs ``cleanup()`` on them. """ c = IPythonClient() if c is None: return try: v = c[:] cleanup(v, module_name, prefix) finally: c.close()
[docs]def get_local_keys(view, prefix): """ Returns a dictionary of keyname -> target_list mapping for all names that start with ``prefix`` on engines in ``view``. """ def get_keys_engine(prefix): return [key for key in globals() if key.startswith(prefix)] keys_from_target = view.apply_async(get_keys_engine, prefix).get_dict() targets_from_key = {} for target, keys in keys_from_target.items(): for key in keys: targets_from_key.setdefault(key, []).append(target) return targets_from_key
[docs]def clear(view): """ Removes all distarray-related modules from engines' sys.modules.""" def clear_engine(): from sys import modules orig_mods = set(modules) for m in modules.copy(): if m.startswith('distarray'): del modules[m] return sorted(orig_mods - set(modules)) return view.apply_async(clear_engine).get_dict()
[docs]def clear_all(): c = IPythonClient() if c is None: return try: v = c[:] mods = clear(v) finally: c.close() return mods